Apartments in the heart of Warsaw
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Our apartments
We called our apartments like precious stones because they reflect the extraordinary nature, chic
and elegance.
Apartament Sapphire
Sapphire is a stone of love. It effectively protects against misfortune and ensures a steady flow of cash.
Apartament Amethyst
Amethyst is called the stone of harmony and relaxation It restores balance to people prone to stress, brings peace and releases the mind from negative thoughts.
Apartament Onyx
Black Onyx is called the stone of internal strength because its energy strengthens strength and resistance when performing difficult, complex tasks or projects.
Ruby apartment symbolizes love, courage, self-confidence and lively temperament.
Apartament Ruby
The diamond symbolizes purity, faithfulness, innocence and the promise of happiness. Its a perfect harmony of soul and body.
Apartament Diamond
Apartament Kyanit
Apartament Spinel
Kyanit is the "stone of diplomacy". Perfect for people who are involved in negotiations, presentations of projects, meetings with high-ranking representatives of various institutions.
Spinel is a stone that increases the level of vital energy, physical activity and overall performance of the body.
Apartament Opal
Opal is a stone that helps to close certain stages of life. Opal energy helps to understand that everything in the world is interconnected. What we give to others returns to us multiplied.
Apartament Amber
Amber is a symbol of success. It has been used as a talisman for millennia. It has an activating and cleansing effect on the whole body.
Apartament Apatyt
Apatite is an excellent stone for people who have a great need to express their goals, plans, feelings and thoughts. It is a stone for people with many unrealized dreams and for all those who need more courage and self-esteem to believe in their abilities.
The energy of Chalcedony enables balance between our mind and body. It is especially recommended for people who are shy, overly modest, who have difficulties with clout, easily influenced and sensitive to criticism of others. Chalcedony also has properties that harmonize the environment - it ensures balance and order in both the mind and work - by systematizing it. It enables a positive resolution of court and other cases related to law and justice.
Apartament Chalcedon
Apartament Cytryn I
Lemons are a stone that helps to maintain stability and security in the material sphere as well as satisfaction with professional life. Lemon Energy has a positive effect on people starting a new job or project, investing significant financial resources and taking the related risk. Lemon is intended for all enterprising people who feel comfortable with a large number of tasks and constant changes.
Apartament Cytryn II

Lemons is a stone of prosperity. It attracts many good opportunities or events and the right people to help us in our professional development, promotion, starting our own company or overcoming the financial crisis. Lemons are a stone of success that gives courage in business negotiations, it is perfect for people who do not find themselves in workplaces with routine, repeated and not very creative activities or filled with imposed tasks.
Topaz is a stone with incredible power, it can spiritualize, develop the inner side of human nature, the body and mind of everyone. It helps in overcoming any problems, encountered difficulties that we cannot cope with. It is a symbol of great strength and power to get rid of bad thoughts.
Apartament Topaz
Morganite is the stone responsible for our spiritual protection as well as our safety and emotional balance. Its delicate color gently affects the most subtle areas of our spiritual and emotional life. First of all, it protects us from bad influence or unkind intentions of others and from unhappy or unlucky events. Having inner protection, we become more self-confident, courageous and resistant to adversities.
Apartament Morganit
Kwarc is a stone recommended for people who find it particularly difficult to make changes in their lives for fear of the unknown. These types of people, although they are not satisfied with the current state of affairs, cannot find the courage to break away from unhealthy relationships, habits, addictions or their own passivity. The energy of Smoky Quartz allows you to overcome your own shyness and fear of change, as it builds courage and self-esteem.
Apartament Kwarc
Our apartments are ideal for tourists visiting Warsaw and the business representatives who are looking for an independent, high standard apartment in the heart of Warsaw - in a good location and with the appropriate infrastructure. Comfortable, fully equipped apartments are available for the short and long term rental. We have a wide range of apartments of various sizes, from 31 m2 to 60 m2. The apartments are serviced in the quality of a five-star hotel, which
includes concierge services, cleaning, 24-hour assistance, etc.
In the immediate neighborhood of the building there are numerous restaurants, Browary Warszawskie or Norblin. 700 meters from the apartment there is Hala Mirowska where you can buy fresh, healthy food from the local suppliers.
About a 10-minute walk from the Mennica Residence there are: Złote Tarasy -the shopping center, Central Station and Palace of Culture. The Mennica Residence building borders with the Warsaw Ghetto Wall - next to Grzybowska Street there is a commemorative plaque on the original wall from that period
and at Waliców Street you can see the historic post-war tenement house.
The kitchens in our apartments are modern, comfortable and user-friendly. Equipped incl. in welcome set: coffee selection; tea selection; water, kettle, induction hob, oven, set of pots, plates, glasses, wine glasses, corkscrew, fridge freezer and other items needed in the kitchen.
Air conditioning
The (Mennica Residence) is air-conditioned. Most of our apartments have air conditioning, which provides the right temperature on hot days.
Each apartment has a comfortable and modern shower, soap, a washing machine, laundry capsules, a clothes dryer, a hairdryer, cotton towel sets: for legs, arms and face.
Our apartments have 2.4 GHz high-speed
WI-FI and 5 GHz.
Our bedrooms have large, comfortable beds such as beds in queen size or king size and fresh, fragrant bedding.
Living room
In each of our apartments we invite you to relax on the comfortable couch where you can relax, read or watch TV, Netflix and all this in a cozy atmosphere and elegant décor.
24/7 check-in, 24/7 service. At the request of our guests, we will bring from/to airports or stations. Each guest is assisted and informed, our guests have direct
and immediate contact with us.
VIP Warsaw Apartments are prestigious, modern and comfortable apartments located in the center
of Warsaw in the elegant Mennica Residence, which from the main entance, invites you with your
luxurious facilities.
VIP Warsaw Apartments is an ideal offer for business representatives as well as private persons
looking for an independent high standard apartment in Warsaw - in an excellent location with
developed infrastructure.
The inspiration to create the Mennica Residence project was a trip to New York - the everest of luxury residential towers.
Moderation, pragmatism and quality mean that Manhattan buildings define the style of urban apartment buildings. Two towers flanking the representative entrance in the corner of Grzybowska St. and Żelazna create a distinct and characteristic spatial composition. The simple geometric facade is designed from noble and well-aging materials. Moderation in the selection of aesthetic measures and timelessness are to be the hallmark of Mennica Residence.

VIP Warsaw Apartments are prestigious, modern and comfortable apartments located in the center
of Warsaw in the elegant Mennica Residence, which from the main entance, invites you with your
luxurious facilities.
VIP Warsaw Apartments is an ideal offer for business representatives as well as private persons
looking for an independent high standard apartment in Warsaw - in an excellent location with
developed infrastructure.
Our apartments are designed for people who are looking for the highest quality services, who have a
need for discretion and confidentiality, value elegance, style and high comfort of stay. We make sure
that your stay in our apartments will be extremely comfortable and pleasant for you, so that you will
gladly come back to us during next visits to Warsaw. Our apartments are decorated in a modern and
elegant style using the best materials and using the latest standards.
They are very well equipped and each time carefully prepared for the arrival of our guests, so that
they can feel at home. Additional services include renting space in a monitored underground car park
and ordering very tasty breakfasts. We also offer a Concierge service - this is the help in dealing with
current affairs. Please contact us to arrange the details of your stay and additional services.
The apartments are available both in the short-term rental offer in the formula of hotel facilities and
long-term rentals. Mint Residence is one of the few place in Warsaw with such advanced relaxation
and leisure facilities for residents. Recreational and leisure facilities which are located in the building
are squash court, gym, gym with the possibility of playing basketball, changing rooms, as well as
a wet and dry sauna, jacuzzi room with access to the terrace, massage room and beauty room. There
was also an integration space, which houses an extensive meeting room
for residents – Club Room allowing the organization of special events and a toddler's zone for leisure
time with the youngest. Access to relaxation and leisure facilities is possible for guests planning a
long-term stay.
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