For apartment owners
Dear, VIP Warsaw Apartments is an ideal solution for people who own or plan to buy their own property and want to make money from it, while not wasting time on its day-to-day service and marketing associated with medium or short-term rental. It is a completely different model of making money and is significantly different from renting for residential purposes long-term. To achieve maximum profits, you need experience and a professional approach. Without these two things, the risk of errors and failures is very high. We are an experienced team, we have proven and safe solutions that we have Depending on the standard and its location, we will develop an individual strategy that will
achieve the cost of renting and maximize profits for many years.
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phone: +48 796 296 996
Together we will choose the best offer for you.
Mennica Residence
ul. Grzybowska 43A
00-855 Warsaw
+48 796 296 996
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